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New Moon Telescopes offers superior high-end scopes that are made for the observing field.  We are continuously implementing the newest ideas and latest trends on our journey to making the finest hand crafted portable dobsonian on the market today.

Many of our innovations come directly from the amateur astronomer community. Our catch phrase “Made for the observing field” is something we take very seriously. There are a few finely crafted dobsonians on the market today, but none can be set up, collimated and cooled down as quickly and easily as an NMT.

When you order your New Moon Telescope, the custom process begins. We do not farm out any of the work essential to our design. Everything but the optic, focuser and spider is done in our custom woodworking shop. This means that we can guarantee fine craftsmanship along the way and supply status reports as requested. If you have a slight modification in mind, more times than not we are able to comply.

To learn more about the unique qualitites of a New Moon Telescope, click on a link below:

Collapsible Truss
Perfect Balance
Box Joint Joinery
Boundary Layer Fans
Innovative Mirror Cell
Optical Excellence
Premium Wood Finish
Dual Speed Moonlite Focuser



Call or e-mail with any questions or to place an order.  We look forward to hand crafting your custom New Moon Telescope!