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12.5″ F/5

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* Primary mirror available by either GSO Optics or USA-made premium optician
* Secondary mirror by Antares 1/20 wave
* Mirror 317.5mm, secondary 63mm (minor axis)
* Mirror Edge Thickness 1.6″
* Mirror Box 16”x16”x16”, 40 lbs including mirror cell and mirror
* Rocker Box 17 ¾”x17 ¾”x14 ½” (15” high from ground to top of rocker), 19 lbs including ground board
* Height of rocker box and mirror box together 22 ½”
* Upper Cage 16” outside diameter X 12” high, 7 ½ lbs
* Bearings 22” OD “Crescents”
* Height from ground to eyepiece when pointed vertically 59”
* Height from ground to tip of bearing when mirror box sits in rocker box: 29″
* Fully collapsible truss (8 aluminum tubes, 1 inch OD) 34″ tall, 5 lbs
* Spider by Astrosystems
* Focuser is Dual Speed model by Moonlite- Choose custom color!
* Finder scope by Telrad
* Mirror cell 6 point true flotation optimized with PLOP
* Dual boundary layer fans with on/off switch and adjustable speed knob
* Total weight: 71.5 lbs

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All scopes are built on a made to order basis. An initial non-refundable deposit of 60% down is required. 12.5″ telescopes will be completed within 12-16 weeks of start date. All telescopes receive the same care in building and fine finishing. Updates available along the way upon request. Please contact us if a custom mirror is desired. Prices and build times will be adjusted accordingly.

Total investment* 12.5″ F5

GSO Optic: $2,998.00
Premium Optic: $4,998.00 (Please contact us for a list of premium options, all made in the USA)

*Plus shipping and crating, available anywhere in the world.



Call or e-mail with any questions or to place an order.  We look forward to hand crafting your custom New Moon Telescope!