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12.5" f/6 Rebuild

12.5″ f/6 Rebuild

Did you buy a mass produced dobsonian telescope only to become frustrated due to its poor balance and jerky motions while observing? Truth be known, that is a common complaint among amatuer astronomers. The good news is the optics in most mass produced dobsonians on the market today are very decent, but deserve a proper enclosure. This is why we offer a custom built New Moon Telescope utilizing your current optics.

You supply:

Primary mirror and secondary mirror. That’s it.

You get:

* Custom crafted scope with perfect balance and motion
* Moonlite dual speed focuser (choice of color)
* Astrosystems spider
* Dual boundary layer fans with on/off switch and intensity adjustment knob
* Custom mirror cell (6-point for 10″ and 12″, 18-point for 16” and 20″)
* Collapsible truss for quick set-up and break down
* Telrad finder scope
* Personalized plaque

8″ – $1897
10″ – $2097
12″ – $2597
16″ – $3497
18″ – $3997
20″ – $4897


If your primary mirror is not listed above, please contact us for a custom quote.


Call or e-mail with any questions or to place an order.  We look forward to hand crafting your custom New Moon Telescope!