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Optical Excellence

Each New Moon Telescope is equipped with a hand-figured Lightholder Optics primary mirror and an Antares Optics 1/20th wave secondary mirror. Lightholder mirrors are our mirror of choice because they have a reputation for quality and customer service, the full advertised aperture is guaranteed to be achieved, and they alwaysstar test before shipping.

However, when you purchase a New Moon Telescope, you are buying an optical system for years to come and that‘s why we allow the customization of this aspect of your telescope.  We do not set restrictions on purchasing optics from any vendor. Some customers have chosen to utilize mirrors figured by Mike Lockwood, Carl Zambuto, and Steve Swayze, among others. As their prices vary, please contact us with the maker you have in mind and we will work out the details. If you chose to go the custom route, the secondary mirror will be supplied by Antares Optics and will be certified as 1/20th wave.

Independent Lab confirms excellence of Lightholder Optics


Call or e-mail with any questions or to place an order.  We look forward to hand crafting your custom New Moon Telescope!