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Collapsible Truss System

To see the ease in which our collapsible truss system assembles, check out our new video by clicking here.

Three Piece Collapsible Truss System


Perhaps the most innovative feature that sets a New Moon Telescope apart from other dobsonians is the implementation of our unique collapsible truss.  When we went to the drawing board for a new way to connect a dobsonian upper cage to its mirror box, we knew it had to meet several requirements before it could be considered a success.

First and foremost, rigidity was essential.  Our truss system needed to accurately hold collimation from zenith to horizon without allowing the upper cage even the slightest sag.  After rigorously testing our system by placing a barlowed laser into the focuser and panning the sky at all altitudes, we found the truss was more than rigid enough to satisfy this requirement.


Mirror Box Truss Connectors


Second, it was important to us that the truss be strong, sound and aesthetically pleasing.  The upper and lower connectors are made from 6061 Aluminum that is precisely machined and professionally tig welded, resulting in a lightweight yet strong construction.

We also wanted to be able to set up our scope quickly.  Very quickly.  In a perfect world we could all have observatories under dark skies and would never need to transport our telescopes.  However, light pollution and the real world force us to occasionally become traveling astronomers, which leads to a major feature of the New Moon Telescope Collapsible Truss- fast and easy set up and tear down.


Collapsible Truss


An NMT Collapsible Truss System is made of eight permanently fastened aluminum poles.  Just as an accordion ‘opens’ and ‘closes’, the truss system opens and closes to allow more time for observing, and less for set up.  The hand screws have a large surface area, allowing them to be tightened even while wearing gloves or mittens (did I mention we are located in Upstate New York?).  Additionally, there are no components to loose, as the system is interconnected and the hand screws are threaded into the telescope itself.







The truss system connects to the top of the mirror box so the overall truss length is kept to a minimum, which not only adds to the rigidity of the system, but also equates to a smaller footprint, making transportation and set up easier.  Each truss tube is precisely the same length, meaning only the slightest adjustment in collimation will be needed between observing sessions.




Call or e-mail with any questions or to place an order.  We look forward to hand crafting your custom New Moon Telescope!