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The idea of boundary layer fans is first attributed to Bryan Greer, owner of Protostar.  He discovered the visually distorting effect of the thin layer of slightly warmer air that is notorious for hiding on the surface of parabolized mirrors.  Since that time, several quality telescope makers have taken action to rid their scopes of this image deteriorating swath of air.  We are no exception.

All of our scopes are fitted with boundary layer fans.  However, we go beyond the expected by including on/off switches and intensity controlling knobs that allow the fans to be left on low power without vibration affecting the view.  Discriminating planetary viewers know what a difference this will make!

The decorative box that holds the fan has an edge profile as a finishing touch.  Using the fan box also allows us to keep the mirror box as small as possible, translating to fewer pounds to lift.  It is finished with satin black paint that ties in nicely with the overall design of the scope.


Call or e-mail with any questions or to place an order.  We look forward to hand crafting your custom New Moon Telescope!