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Pair of NMT Aluminum Bearings


NMT is excited to announce that we have settled on a new bearing design.  Effective immediately, all orders placed after 2/10/2014 will utilize this unique  innovation.






NMT Crescent Aluminum Bearing


Most premium dobsonian makers use cast aluminum for their scope bearings. After a few prototypes, we found these to be a bit heavier than we would like on our telescopes. That, coupled with the fact that cast aluminum doesn’t anodize or powder coat as well as its extruded counterpart, led us to seek a different design. Our unique open frame-work “crescents” are fabricated from rolled aluminum sheet and an open aluminum tubing framework that are tig-welded together. These bearings are extremely lightweight (the 24” pair weighs only 6 pounds!), and are more than rigid enough to serve altitude duty on their parent dobsonian for years to come.





Black Powder Coating on Bearing


Are they just for NMT’s? No way! Amateur telescope makers are invited to purchase the new NMT crescents for their dobsonian projects as well. For the ATM, the bearings will be available in both the natural aluminum finish (allowing the end user to polish, powder coat, paint or anodize any color they choose), or with a powder coat of textured black. The benefit of the texturized powder coat NMT uses is that formica or FRP is not necessary! The bearings glide effortlessly across PTFE with buttery movements and no detectable “stiction”.




The following sizes are available:

16″    :: Ideal for 6”-10” Dobsonians       $268.00 natural     $298.00 powder coated

20”    :: Ideal for 10”-15” Dobsonians      $298.00 natural     $358.00 powder coated

24″    :: Ideal for 16”-18” Dobsonians      $298.00 natural     $358.00 powder coated

28”    :: Ideal for 20”-24” Dobsonians      $338.00 natural     $398.00 powder coated

36”    :: Ideal for 26”-30” Dobsonians      $368.00 natural     $448.00 powder coated


*Custom sizes available for the ATM, however a set-up and tooling fee will be required due to the unique angles of the cuts. Please inquire for further detail.



Call or e-mail with any questions or to place an order.  We look forward to hand crafting your custom New Moon Telescope!