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8″ F/4.5

Check out our YouTube video on this scope here.

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Why buy a premium 8” F/4.5 tabletop style newtonian reflector?

Here are NMT’s top 5 reasons:

1.  For less than the cost of a quality 4” refractor with usable mount, you get a premium optic with over four times the light gathering capability.  That means, instead of seeing M15 as a grey fuzzy patch, you’ll actually resolve it to the core!  Drop a 31mm Nagler into our dual speed Moonlite focuser, and there is a FOV of almost 3 degrees.  Use that combo on the Peleides or the Hyades and prepare to be mesmerized.  The hand figured optics allow the stars’ individual colors to pop against the black background of space.

2.  35 lbs fully assembled.  Period.  This makes a huge difference at 3:30 AM when you still need to put the scope away, get yourself to bed and get up for work at 6 AM!  With its compact size and light weight, both set up and take down take no more than a couple of minutes.

3.  Although it’s compact, this scope easily balances with any eyepiece you care to use!  From a 4mm Ortho to a 31mm Nagler, all eyepieces balance perfectly with ultra smooth motions in both the altitude and azimuth with no need for springs or counterweights.

4.  The premium features that are standard on our 20” NMT are also included in our tabletop reflector.  From the collapsible truss to the fine woodworking and box joints, from the glass smooth mirror finish to your choice of focuser, your tabletop NMT will make your observing sessions nights to remember.

5.  Each and every tabletop NMT is hand crafted with care.  These scopes are anything but mass produced, so slight modifications which do not impact the overall integrity of the design are easily accommodated. 
It’s your scope- we make it to reflect YOU!

We look forward to building your custom tabletop NMT soon!



*Primary mirror available from either GSO Optics or USA-made premium optician (please contact us for options)
*Secondary mirror by Antares 1/20 wave
*Mirror 203mm, secondary 46.4mm (minor axis)
*Mirror Box 13”x13”x10”
*Rocker Box 14 ¾”x14 ¾”x8”
*Height of rocker box and mirror box together 16 ½”
*Upper Cage 11 ½” diameter X 9” high
*Bearings 16” OD “Crescents”
*Height from ground to eyepiece when pointed vertically 36”
*Fully collapsible baby truss,(8 aluminum tubes,  ¾” poles)
*Spider by Astrosystems
*Focuser is Dual Speed model by Moonlite – Choose custom color
*Mirror cell 3 point optimized with PLOP
*Single boundary layer fan with on/off switch and adjustable speed knob
*35 pounds fully assembled

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All scopes are built on a made to order basis. An initial non-refundable deposit of 60% down is required. 8”  telescopes will be completed within 8-12 weeks of start date. All telescopes receive the same care in building and fine finishing. Updates available upon request. Please contact us if a custom mirror is desired. Prices and build times will be adjusted accordingly.

Total investment* 8″ F/4.5
*Plus shipping and crating, available anywhere in the world.



Call or e-mail with any questions or to place an order.  We look forward to hand crafting your custom New Moon Telescope!