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20″ F/4

See what happens when you combine any TeleVue eyepiece with this scope by clicking here. Note that all values given are assuming the use of a Paracorr 2.

20" f/4*Primary mirror available from USA-made premium optician (please contact us for options)
*Secondary 1/20 wave by Antares Optics
* Mirror 508 mm, secondary 101 mm (minor axis)
* Mirror Edge Thickness 1.6″
* Mirror Box 27” x 27” x 16”, 84 lbs (including mirror and mirror cell)
* Rocker box 28½” x 28½” x 10½”, 30 lbs (including ground board)
* Upper Cage 25” diameter x 15” high, 11 lbs
* Bearings 30” OD “Crescents”
* Ground to Bearing Tip 31″
* Height from ground to eyepiece when pointed vertically 75”
* Fully collapsible truss (8 aluminum tubes, 1″ OD), 9 lbs
* Spider by Astrosystems
* Focuser is Dual Speed model by Moonlite- Choose custom color!
* Finder scope by Telrad
* Mirror cell 18 point true flotation optimized with PLOP
* Tri-boundary layer fans with on/off switch and adjustable speed knob
* Custom solid oak wheel-barrow handles
* Total weight fully assembled: 134 lbs
* Weight when lifting from end of wheelbarrow handles:  24 lbs

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All scopes are built on a made to order basis. An initial non-refundable deposit of 60% down is required. Please contact us for current lead times on this scope. All telescopes receive the same care in building and fine finishing. Updates available upon request during construction.

Total investment* 20″ F/4
Price: $10,498.00
*Plus shipping and crating, available anywhere in the world.



Call or e-mail with any questions or to place an order.  We look forward to hand crafting your custom New Moon Telescope!